As a mother, activist, and the founder and CEO of the Tamir Rice Foundation, Ms. Samaria Rice proudly serves as an advocate for juvenile rights in Cleveland, Ohio. Since the murder of her 12-year-old son Tamir by Cleveland Police in 2014, Ms. Rice has committed her life to standing on the frontlines for children.

 As a mother of social justice, Samaria’s passion for civil rights reaches across lines of difference, uniting us all to work towards change. Following Tamir’s death, Samaria has used her voice in the service of her son’s legacy. She has been featured on a variety of media outlets speaking out for Tamir and other victims of state-sanctioned violence.

Samaria encourages us to take back our communities by standing up for justice—her voice resonating with mothers and children in Cleveland and beyond. She has become a motivating force for families and communities across the nation.

 Ms. Rice founded the Tamir Rice Foundation in 2016. The mission of the Tamir Rice Foundation is to invest in the growth and enrichment of children through the arts and to create a world in which all children feel safe, nurtured and valued - especially in their darkest times.

Ms. Rice is active in the arts nationally and globally. She frequently collaborates with artists and arts organizations on projects in response to the shooting of Tamir, state-sanctioned violence, and juvenile rights.